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Welcome to 2020; your best decade yet

Crazy to think that we are already in 2020, and a new decade is just beginning. We hope you had time to rest and revive in the company of friends and family over the holiday season and that this year is your best year yet.

We start off with a change in scenery for Delta, as Jess departs on maternity leave, and Sam and Jarrod steps in. Here is an introduction to the new team and what to expect from them in the future.

Are you guilty of the thought patterns that insist you'll never get out of debt, earn more money or reach your financial goals? Explore 3 ways to help you maintain a positive money-mindset in 2020.

Following on, we give you insightful analysis of how Australia's wealthiest individuals and families grow their wealth and an update on the market following many significant events both overseas and locally.

To wrap it up, we look at 5 ways to save money by going green.

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Delta Financial Group 

Delta Financial Group's New Additions

With the start of a new decade underway, 2020 is a big year for everyone including Delta. Mike and Jess are due to have their second child in late February, which means Jess has gone on maternity leave. With Jess leaving, Sam and Jarrod, Delta Financial Group's new additions, step in to continue Jess's incredible client service work.


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3 Ways to Transform Your Money Mindset in 2020

Are you guilty of the kind of mental mania that insists you’ll never get out of debt, earn more money or reach your financial goals?

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The steady road to building wealth

Many of the richest Australians have progressively become richer over time through a combination of business expansion, market forces and shrewd investment decisions.

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ThreeSixty Research Market Update - January 2020


  • Both the US and China are optimistic that a ‘phase one’ trade deal will be reached, but subsequent negotiations will likely prove more difficult.

  • Tension between the US and Iran following the US assassination of Iranian general Soleimani has left markets on edge.

  • The devastation from the Australian bushfires will have a significant impact on economic growth and may prompt further action by the RBA.

  • A Conservative Party victory in the UK general election has allowed the government to move ahead with its EU withdrawal bill, paving the way for Brexit on 31 January 2020.

  • Recent positive economic news from China has given markets confidence that an economic recovery may be possible.

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Save money by going green

Saving the planet isn’t the only reason to go green. Using less energy and fewer resources can also help you cut costs. Take a look at these suggestions to help you save.

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