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Live Webinar - 12 Smart EOFY Tax Strategies in 40 Minutes

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5 ways to boost your super

  • How topping up your super could help you maximise your pre-tax salary or business income
  • The government benefits that may be available to you or your spouse when making after-tax contributions

How to protect your income and family 

  •  How insurance inside super can make your insurance cover more affordable
  •  How you could benefit from pre-paying tax deductible expenses

How to plan for retirement and more 

  •  Ways to manage capital gains tax on investments.
  •  Some further insights into how you can grow your wealth and create an income for life

We’ll also talk you through some other strategies that may help you achieve a better lifestyle in retirement.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for the webinar or give us a call on 0438 334 334 before 30 June so discuss how we can help you.

BTW, feel free to extend this invitation to your friends or family.  

Speak soon,


Mike Sikar

Founder and Principal Adviser 

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